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Pressed for Olive is a company created by friends who love to travel the world and equally LOVE eating great food! We found Spain to be a great place to combine both these loves. In choosing some of our favorite foods to bring direct to you, we decided to avoid the hype with some of the well known name brands. Instead, we wanted you to experience with us an authentic Spain with products from family-owned companies and Spanish artisans who bring out that special essence in the many flavors of Spain.

Some of the products in our store you may have a hard time finding in grocery stores here in the United States - That’s because we’ve found these products through our own travels, or through recommendations from other travelers. The best part about this is we are able to cultivate a close relationship with the producers of each of the brands we feature. Enjoying a tasty gourmet meal from Spain is great, but knowing the stories behind the food makes for an even better experience!

 We will be adding new gourmet products as we go. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the olive oils from Aceites Abril that we currently have in stock.