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Q. Are all the products you sell on your website from Spain?

A. Yes. If for some reason we offer a product not from Spain, we will inform our customers of this on the product detail page of that item.


Q.  Is Aceites Abril EVOO 1L PET a ‘filtered’ or ‘unfiltered’ oil?


A. It’s filtered. As much as these two terms are highly debated, it’s actually not better one way or another. Research has not shown that there is necessarily a healthier oil when it comes to ‘filtered’ or ‘unfiltered’ oil. It comes down to a matter of preference at the end of the day. The filtered oil in this case is done by a simple straining process to remove sediments and particles for that smooth final finish, while keeping the natural powerful nutrients of EVOO in tact. 


Q. Is Aceites Abril EVOO 1L PET a 'refined' or 'unrefined' oil?

A. Unrefined. Only the finest quality olives are picked within hours and immediately cold pressed. By definition, there is no refining process with extra virgin olive oil. The olives are extracted solely by mechanical means and is not altered with chemicals or other additives. You are purchasing a premium EVOO handled and bottled by the producers themselves. 


Q. Is the Aceites Abril EVOO a single origin oil?

A. Yes. All the olives in this bottle come from Spain and no where else. As a fun fact, most olive oil bottles on the shelves now, including many Italian oils, have some variety of imported olive oil from Spain blended in them. Spain is the largest producer of olive oil in the world and they export commodity to various countries, including one of their largest buyers, Italy.